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Dental implants are one of your best options for replacing missing teeth.

Learn about the dental implant surgery, procedures and costs.

If you are missing one or multiple teeth and don’t want something that you take in and out of your mouth, dental implants are a great alternative. We offer affordable dental implant procedures for Park Ridge and the surrounding area from our local dental office.

What exactly is a dental implant?

Dental implants are man made teeth, and are most often made of a titanium screw like structure, an abutment, and a crown. They are highly durable and are able to integrate well with the body. When designed, they are meant to be a perfect match to the natural structure of your teeth. They can last an entire lifetime with the right care.

Why should I get a dental implant?

Generally, a missing tooth can affect your overall health and well-being. When you have missing teeth, you considerably increase your risk of developing gum disease, TMJ, and having a misaligned bite. It is likely that the remaining teeth you have shall also begin to shift due to there being excess space, which can lead to further damage of your remaining teeth.

Tooth implants will replace teeth permanently without the worry of having to take something in an out of your mouth or getting decay. Implants can replace one tooth or they can replace all of your teeth. If you already have dentures, dental implants can help support and keep your dentures stable. They can also support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth that are fixed to the mouth and are never removed.

Tooth implants ensure that the whole tooth as well as the root that is missing have been replaced and are free standing. When implants support crowns or bridges, there is no need for neighboring teeth to offer any additional support. This allows for the remaining normal teeth that you have to be saved from any interference, enabling them to remain more healthy.

The dental implant procedure from start to happy smile.

To position the dental implants that will restore your smile requires a surgical appointment at a dental office or dental specialist. The process begins with an assessment of your smile and teeth, specifically checking on your bone density. Following an assessment, you will receive confirmation that you are a candidate for dental implants. You will be administered with local anesthesia, and the implant will then be put in underneath your gum, and into the bone.

Over a short period of time (between four to six months), it will bond with your jaw, and from this juncture, will become the anchor that will hold your replacement tooth (in the form of a crown). Once the dental specialist tell you that the implant can be restored, you can go see your dentist. Your dentist will then take an impression to make the abutment (what connects the implant to the crown) and the crown. This is sent to a lab and in about 1-3 weeks your teeth are restored.

Overall, dental implants are highly recommended as they help to strengthen the whole mouth, which then increases the total life of the other teeth. By opting for restoring implants, you opt for a solution that is better and longer lasting, which has excellent results.

Dental implant costs

Though most dental insurance plans do not cover the costs of tooth implants everyone situation is unique. Please get in touch with us to discuss your affordable dental implant options.

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