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About preventative cleanings and exams

At our practice we try to stress the importance of preventative dental cleanings and exams. Within the medical community it’s a well-known fact that an optimal personal health begins with a strong and robust oral health. As a result, your oral cleanings and exams should be considered just as important as any other preventative health care you receive.

Cleanings and exams overview

At Schultz Family Dental of Park Ridge we want everyone to have a healthy mouth.  What prevents far too many individuals from meeting this goal is simply a lack of regular dental check-ins. Most experts agree that along with daily maintenance, frequent cleanings and exams spaced about six-months apart will help most people achieve a favorable oral hygiene.

We treat the examination phase of your visit as a very serious matter. This is because the exam is the best time to discover any would-be trouble areas before they can mature. All patients will receive a fully comprehensive exam, which evaluates the wellness of the gums, teeth, and other oral tissues.

Along with your exam we take digital x-rays and pictures of your teeth with our intra oral camera. This allows us to diagnose anything that is occurring in your mouth that we can not see with the naked eye.

The main objective of your oral cleaning is to clean your teeth and gums, mainly by removing dental plaque from all the affected areas. This cleaning procedure aids in the prevention of hygiene conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. We take special care in cleaning all of the hard to reach areas, which would otherwise go untreated causing the plaque to harden. Hardened plaque is the root cause of gum disease and many other illnesses that affect the body.

Lastly, when it comes to your children we take a fun and friendly approach to the traditional cleaning and examination process. This is mainly because we wholly understand that many young children have fears and anxieties when it comes to the dentist. Parents of younger children will find that introducing your child to a family friendly dentist as early as possible is one way to subdue dental related anxieties. At our practice we recommend parents bring in children as young as 12 – 16 months of age. You’ll discover that getting children familiar with regular dental visits while they are still young will lead to less fear and better oral hygiene as they mature.


Prevention is key to a healthy mouth, especially in children. In conjunction with regular visits to the dentist, our office may recommend to place sealants on a child’s permanent teeth. The sealant is a colorless resin, which stops tiny particles of food from inhabiting any microscopic nooks and crannies found on the biting surface of the teeth where cavities can form. The sealant goes undetected by both the wearer and anyone that he or she comes into contact with.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is a wonderful preventative measure for children and adults. Dentists love fluoride because it is one of the best preventive treatments available. Not only is it good at preventing tooth decay, but it’s also known to repair teeth during the first stages of decay.

To see the maximum benefits of a fluoride treatment, professional assistance is urged. Currently, the best treatments come in the form of a brushed on varnish, foam, or a dentist prescribed toothpaste. Each patient is reviewed on a case-by-case basis in order to choose the best possible treatment plan. Interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.

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