Halloween Candy Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is a fun time of year! Tricks, fun costumes, and a ton of treats! Here at Schultz Family Dental of Park Ridge, we wanted to break down all the fun types of candy you and your family may be snacking on this season, and how to keep your mouth safe and healthy!

Sticky / Chewy Candies

These types of candies can be very difficult to clean from your teeth. Those caramel apples are so tasty, but are so sticky!  Since our teeth have grooves and small valleys on the surfaces, sticky candies tend to adhere to our teeth for longer periods of time. These are also the surfaces that typically get cavities. When eating these types of candies, it is important to brush afterwards to prevent cavities on the biting surface of our teeth.

Hard Candies

Hard candies have a good and bad side, depending what ingredients they contain. Sugar free hard candies are wonderful for people who have a low salivary flow. Saliva is important to wash over our teeth to keep cavity causing bacteria from sitting on our teeth for extended periods of time. These candies can also cause a lot of damage if you tend to chomp down on them. Our teeth may be strong, but they are not indestructible! Try not to bite on these candies, for they may break your teeth, and we wouldn’t want you to look like a Jack-o-lantern! If you do happen to have a tooth accident, give our office and call, and Dr. Schultz will fix you up in no time!


Chocolate is one of the more popular candies on Halloween. It is easier to clean off your teeth than the sticky varieties of candies. Dark chocolate in particular has been shown to have heart healthy benefits being that it is filled with antioxidants, fiber, and other minerals. Some studies have found that it may even lower blood pressure.

With any type of candy that you eat this Halloween, be sure to brush and floss after eating. If you lose a filling eating caramel apples, or break a tooth eating a jaw breaker, call our office to have Dr. Schultz fix your tooth, and give you back your healthy smile! Have a Healthy, Fun, and Happy Halloween from Schultz Family Dental of Park Ridge!